UL-Lafayette Computing Support Services

UL-Lafayette Computing Support Services

You can find the UL-Lafayette Computing Support Services home page here, and our HelpDesk site here.

You can find an individual user's home page with a URL of the form "http://www.ucs.louisiana.edu/~user/",
where user is the user's login id. Of course, not all users create home pages.

Note also that the University of Louisiana at Lafayette cannot guarantee the accuracy of any user's page contents, not does it condone any content of user's pages!

You can email any user by mailing to user@louisiana.edu .

We now run a web-based email system called OpenWebMail. It seems to be a good way to check your UL-Lafayette email
when you are off-campus or not at a UCS workstation, and have a web browser handy.
Notify jpd of any anomalies. Click here to try it.

When travelling, an easy URL to recall and use is https://webmail.louisiana.edu/ which will redirect you to the OpenWebMail server.

If you would like to preload the UL-Lafayette Certificate Authority's certificate, click here.

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